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 June 29, 2010  wektrcom

Wektr Productions oversees PhoneSplash– The Ultimate Icebreaker, SocialSimplistic– The Robin Hood of Social Media and Website Development, And PhoneSplash Phastener– The Ultimate non residue Adhesive.

Hi, I’m Pete Weachter, a creative thinker and doer. The last 5 years of my professional career was as a commercial banker. Though the companies I worked for over the last 20 years were good overall, the positions I held suppressed my creativity yet gave me valuable insight.”I was working for their dreams, not mine!”.  I first created PhoneSplash out of a business need. I am a “networker”, and need to connect as quickly as possible. My “wheels spun” and it led me to create an app and an accessory to stand out! And boy, do I stand out when using PhoneSplash.

While developing PhoneSplash, I discovered another need. I wanted a great website- full of my ideas. I could of used a site builder online, but that takes too much time, and has some limitations. So, I contacted a “professional”. My quote- $2500. Ouch! Now, I could have found someone to do a cookie cutter design for around $500, but would have been more limited. After all, I am paying for this out of pocket. Then it hit me. Most face to face, if not all, design firms work for the bigger opportunities. Less customers, more money per project. Well, when you are starting out, or even established but want to upgrade, the pricing is way too steep. And doing it yourself leads to a lot of time, and a result not quite right. What to do?

And here lies where SocialSimplistic was born. Small business owners and start ups should have the opportunity to have a professional built website for a huge fraction of the cost. Moreover, what about social media? How does it fit into today’s internet. Starting at just $10 per month(highest plan is $20/month), a business owner can get the services they deserve. And I, acting like Robin Hood, have taken tips, services, details, systems, and more from the big guys and are giving to my clients!

An PhoneSplash Phastener is still in development. The materiel used for my PhoneSplash accessory has multiple uses. I am documenting the uses and a full site will be developed by the end of 2013.

Thank you for visiting and tell your friend and business friends. Have a fabulous day!





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